Petar Petrov

I want to show you excit­ing things, where you have never before expec­ted to find any­thing excit­ing !

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My name is Petar and I write art­icles 📝 about cul­tural her­it­age and run this website.

I find the stories that I like to write in the dark and breath­less mines ⚒ of our cul­tural legacy. There, they look like rough dia­monds 💠, which for you I will care­fully extract, sep­ar­ate from the sur­round­ing mater­ial, blast 💥 them if needed, polish and reshape them in order to show you their hidden value💍.

I will do this for free, because my goal 📣 is to promote the pre­ser­va­tion of cul­tural her­it­age by making it better known.

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